In Sept. 2013, we reached our goal of 10,000 "Love Is Plural"
song downloads for Camp Sunshine, an incredible organization in
Decatur, GA dedicated to improving the lives of kids with cancer.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us “make good” on this
project including Doug MacMillan, Annie Hyra, our 10Karing
Companies, and every single family who downloaded our song.

“Love Is Plural” song downloads will continue to benefit Camp
Sunshine, so if you haven’t already, click 10K button and
take us further Beyond 10K.


  1. B2B Workforce / Ranstad Staffing
  2. Soft Touch Medical
  3. Sixthman
  4. Willy's Mexicana Grill
  5. Rehabmart
  6. Smith, Gambrell, and Russell, LLP
  7. Inglett & Stubbs Electric
  8. GNR Landscaping
  9. The Big Chandelier
  10. MathMoose